About Us

Reuse Clothes and Shoes is an organization doing its part to help increase the amount of textiles Americans recycle each year. The clothes and shoes donated in our drop boxes can be given a second chance and used by less fortunate families here and around the world.  The donations make it possible for these families to purchase gently used clothing at a reasonable price. With the help of local businesses, schools, religious institutions and municipalities we can really decrease the amount of Clothes and shoes discarded in our landfills! Our donation bins are located  at various private businesses, schools, and religious institutions near you. By making it more convenient for residents throughout cities to donate their old clothes, shoes, and linens we can achieve our goals. Donation Bins just make good sense!

MSW and Recycling

Reuse Clothes and Shoes is committed for making it more convenient for communities to participate in reducing MSW entering landfills. In 2010, U.S. residents, businesses, and institutions produced more than 245 millions tons of MSW (better known as trash or garbage), which is approximately 4.5 pounds of waste per person per day. Textiles, leather and rubber made up 7.3 percent of the waste. Textiles in municipal solid waste are found mainly in discarded clothing, although other sources include furniture, carpets, tires, footwear, and nondurable goods such as sheets and towels. EPA estimates that approximately only 13.5 percent of textiles in clothing, sheets, and pillowcases was recovered for export or reprocessing in 2000. The Council for Textile Recycling estimates that 48 percent of reclaimed textiles are reused as second-hand clothing, 20 percent become wiping and polishing cloths, and the remaining 26 percent are converted into fiber to be used in new textile products. The industry employs thousands of Americans in many aspects of the recycling process. Millions of individulas benefit from the products, operations, and programs created by the recycling of textiles.



What about door to door, home pickup of used clothing?

For years organizations like Salvation Army, Goodwill, Amvets, and many others have picked up clothing donations through home pickups. The proceeds generated from the clothes are then used for each organizations specific cause. They also are used to pay for the expensive collection of the textiles. The efforts of these organizations have a very positive effect for recycling textiles, but the fact remains its just not enough. Unfortunately,  A majority of Americas reusable clothing and shoes end up in our landfills. With less than twenty percent of Used Clothing, shoes and linens being recycled, it is clear that more needs to be done. Reuse Clothes and Shoes believes we can change these percentages. A survey by Goodwill Industries, one of the largest textile collectors, found that more than half of the people making donations would not travel more than ten minutes out of their way to make a drop off. We believe there needs to be more alternatives to donate used textiles. Some organizations have manned drop off facilities that also are very convenient. Unfortunately they turn down certain items if not in the condition they need. These clothes and items most definately end up in the landfills. At used clothing drop boxes no clothes and shoes are rejected. By combining home pick up, donation drop off centers and clothing drop boxes we can accomplish much higher percentages of textile recycling.


Recycling Textiles

Textile recovery facilities separate overly worn or stained clothing into a variety of categories. Based on data from the Council for Textile Recycling, it was estimated that 1.3 million tons of textiles in clothing were recovered for recycling in 2009. Some recovered textiles become wiping and polishing cloths. Cotton can be made into rags or form a component for new high-quality paper. Knitted or woven woolens and similar materials are "pulled" into a fibrous state for reuse by the textile industry in low-grade applications, such as car insulation or seat stuffing. Other types of fabric can be reprocessed into fibers for upholstery, insulation, and even building materials. Buttons and zippers are stripped off for reuse. Very little is left over at the end of the recycling process. The remaining natural materials, such as various grades of cotton, can be composted.


What happens to used clothing and items donated?

childrenUsed clothing ends up in many different places. Thrift stores, homeless shelters, third world countries and different recycling plants. Almost half (48 percent) of the clothes that we and other textile recycling industry members recover are reused as secondhand clothing, which is typically sold to third-world nations. It is through our industry’s efforts that the world’s poorest are clothed. Secondhand clothing is all that is affordable to an individual earning $200 annually. Industry members are capable of delivering a pair of pants in clean, damage-free condition to the east coast of Africa for $.34 a pair and sweaters to Pakistan for $.12 each--less than the cost of mailing a letter. These prices include not only the garment, but the cost of transportation as well. Association members are able to do this because of their investment in equipment and facilities to process efficiently and economically the huge volume of material that is handled. Approximately 20 percent of the material processed becomes wiping and polishing cloths. Finally, 26 percent of this post-consumer waste is converted into fiber to be used in products similar in nature to those manufactured from pre-consumer textile waste.


How does Reuse Clothes and Shoes help the community?

Reuse Clothes and Shoes is creating more jobs and diverting thousands of pounds of textiles out of the landfills each year. We are also proud to take part in other programs that benefit the community. Reuse Clothes and Shoes is always open to suggestions on how we can help in other area of the community. For suggestions please call 888-404-4763.



Are the donation bins inside of the businesses?

No. All of Reuse Clothes and Shoes drop off bins are located outside, in the parking lot of the business. Most of the boxes are placed away business. Most of the boxes are placed away from the main flow of traffic in the parking lot.

What is the difference between Reuse Clothes and Shoes drop off bins and other clothes drop off bins?

The most important difference is that Reuse Clothes and Shoes drop off bins are emptied of clothes and shoes every night by our employees. We understand the importance of a clean area around the boxes.